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Should I Sell My House to Pay Off Debt?

Is selling your house a good way to become debt free?My wife and I purchased our home four years ago. The house sits on one acre in the countryside with an amazing view of the sun setting over a corn field. The property was a foreclosure that had been sitting dormant for two years before I discovered it; the price alone was too good to ignore. I have been plagued by the question of whether I should sell my house to pay off debt or not.
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Someday I Will Get Out of Debt

Credit Cards are one of the reasons to get out of debt.I have always told myself that someday I will get out of debt. “Someday” is a dangerous word. By using the word “someday” you are essentially saying to yourself “I wish” instead of “I will”. Last year, I decided that “someday” had to come sooner more than later.

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