Five Ways to Earn Extra MoneyBeing in debt can feel overwhelming, especially if you’re dealing with some high interest rates. That can really make things feel like you’ll never be out from under your debt. However, there are steps you can take in order to make extra money to pay off debt. Here are five ideas to get your search for extra cash started.

1. Ask for a Raise

Start your search for extra cash with a trip to your boss’s office. As Nerd Wallet points out, getting a raise allows you to work the same amount of hours, but for more money. It just makes sense to start with what you already have. If getting a raise is not an option, you may still be able to make more money from your place of employment by working extra hours. Working overtime pays more per hour than regular work hours do. If there is overtime to be had, volunteer for it.

2. Sell Some Stuff

Why not spring clean your way to less debt? If you have some extra books, shoes, or tennis rackets in your closet (or any other extra things), you can sell them to make extra money. Options include selling your items via a garage sale or on Craigslist. You can also set up auctions on eBay or sell items on Amazon for profit.

3. Flip Items

Many savvy people scour sites like Craigslist or frequent Saturday auctions to find stuff to resell. This practice is known as flipping. If you’re good at spotting bargains, why not make some extra money doing it? You could resell the items on Craigslist, have a garage sale, or open an account on an auction site like eBay.

4. Freelance

The Frugal Rules website suggests that people who have talents should use them to make some extra money. If you’re a writer, designer, translator, or editor, put out your shingle, so to speak. You can find clients on sites like UpWork or by passing out your business cards or flyers at industry trade shows.

You may also be able to give yourself an additional financial break. These jobs become side businesses, which means you can write off your expenses on your taxes. Any money that you’re not paying to someone else can go toward your debt.

5. Work a Side Job

Many people work an extra job to make more money. They look for jobs that offer flexible hours. These usually include retail as well as restaurant jobs. However, there are other possibilities like becoming a delivery driver, a substitute teacher, or even a front desk receptionist at a hotel. Many of these jobs offer you an additional advantage by earning you cash every day, for example, serving or bartending jobs. If you truly need money right now, these jobs are where it’s at.

Final Thoughts on Paying Off Debt

Getting out of debt can be a long road that’s riddled with frustration and even fear. If you are in debt, in some respects, your life isn’t your own. However, a way out of your debt does exist: Earn extra money to put toward your debt.

If you are ambitious, you can buy and sell items that you find at auctions, start a freelancing business, or even ask your current boss for more money. You might even look for a second job at your favorite restaurant or learn how to driver a delivery truck for the local flower shop.

No matter how you do it, earning extra money requires you to exercise a little ingenuity as well as even more moxie. But the end result is worth it. A life with no debt is a life of freedom.