Getting rid of cable now could save you $80 per month!How much are you paying for television? As part of your goal to become debt free, it is time to cut unnecessary expenses; one of which is probably your cable. Getting rid of cable could save you quite a bit of money to pay off your debt.

“How am I going to live without TV?!” Before you panic, just remember that nothing is permanent. You are making a sacrifice for a short while until you have all of your debt paid off. When that day comes you could probably buy a big screen and the biggest channel package from your cable or dish provider.

So here’s the good news: you don’t have to live without television completely! The great thing is that you have options:

Digital Antenna

Get all the local channels for free. You could purchase an antenna for less than $20.

Streaming Services

If you have high speed internet access, you might want to consider using streaming services like Netflix ($9/mo), Amazon, and Hulu ($8/mo). You can get these by purchasing a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick ($35), or an Apple TV. Services like Hulu allow you to watch the latest programs typically a day after they premiered.

Getting Rid of Cable and Save!

The average cable bill is $99! With the options presented above, you could be paying less than $20 per month saving you $80 per month if you go with streaming services. If you were to put that $80 towards your lowest debt balance, you could essentially throw $960 a year extra at it.