Credit Cards are one of the reasons to get out of debt.I have always told myself that someday I will get out of debt. “Someday” is a dangerous word. By using the word “someday” you are essentially saying to yourself “I wish” instead of “I will”. Last year, I decided that “someday” had to come sooner more than later.

Hitting Rock Bottom

They say that the first sign in realizing you have a problem is when you’ve hit rock bottom. In February of 2015, I found my rock bottom. We were behind on our mortgage, bill collectors were constantly calling, and there wasn’t anything left in our bank account to buy dinner. It wasn’t a lack of income, but a severe lack of financial responsibility. It was nothing to use a credit card. Whether it would be to buy gifts, gas, dinner, or sadly bulk cases of toilet paper!

I remember sitting down and writing down everything that we owed. When I saw the damage, I felt sick to my stomach; over the past ten years we had accumulated $96,000 of debt excluding our mortgage! It was at this point that I knew that things had to change and that “someday” became today.

First Step to Get Out of Debt

Not knowing where to begin, I hit the search engines and found Dave Ramsey. For those that do not know, Mr. Ramsey is the top expert of who teaches people how to get out of debt and plan for a strong financial future. I began to listen to his show and later read his book The Total Money Makeover: Classic Edition: A Proven Plan for Financial Fitness and began to slowly, but surely, change my life. We no longer buy anything on credit, we budget and don’t eat out much anymore. Since these changes, we have paid off $14,000. It is a small step, but with our eyes on the prize, we will get out of debt and experience what debt free living really is.